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Mobile Lifelines

Mobile Lifelines

During extreme weather events, mobile devices can be essential tools for keeping in touch with family and monitoring response and recovery efforts. Before a severe storm hits, make sure your mobile device is prepared. Start a texting tree When communication channels are disrupted, texting may be the only available way to stay connected. Create a

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Beyond The Board Meeting

Beyond the Board Meeting

For most, the work-life balancing act leaves little time to build community. Top that off with a ‘reality-based’ pop culture that is obsessed with outrageous behavior (Real Housewives, etc.) and you get an environment that actually makes building community more of a challenge. That said, community associations, with common elements and amenities, have a built

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Social Media – Make It Work for You


Are you ready for “Social media” or do you still hope it will fade away? If it’s the latter, you are definitely out of luck. According to Facebook, five years ago there were 12 million active users of its social media website. Today, that number has grown to over 500 million active users with 50

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