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Mobile Lifelines

Mobile Lifelines

During extreme weather events, mobile devices can be essential tools for keeping in touch with family and monitoring response and recovery efforts. Before a severe storm hits, make sure your mobile device is prepared. Start a texting tree When communication channels are disrupted, texting may be the only available way to stay connected. Create a

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Beyond The Board Meeting

Beyond the Board Meeting

For most, the work-life balancing act leaves little time to build community. Top that off with a ‘reality-based’ pop culture that is obsessed with outrageous behavior (Real Housewives, etc.) and you get an environment that actually makes building community more of a challenge. That said, community associations, with common elements and amenities, have a built

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High Temps, High Electric Bills

Energy Savings

August is upon us and for many that means scorching heat and high electricity bills. The good news is that saving money on summer energy costs doesn’t have to come at the expense of being comfortable. A review of consumer websites provides a host of resources that can assist in turning down the heat on

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Did You Know?


Dog Days We’ve all heard the phrase the “Dog Days of Summer.” Ironically, this phrase does not originate from the scorching hot days that have both dogs and people panting, but rather from Roman times. Dog Days references the appearance of the star Sirus, also known as the Dog Star, in the heavens. Condominium The

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Patience Pays Dividends

Patience Pays

Every board and community manager has experienced it. The difficult homeowner that sees a global conspiracy behind every move of the board or violation letter sent. It is the most challenging part of governing a community. To make matters more challenging, unlike a typical dispute with a customer who can just go elsewhere, the difficult

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The Rockets Red Glare

Rockets Red Glare

For most of North America, July is synonymous with fireworks. Whether it is Independence Day Celebrations in the U.S.A or Canadian festivities, fireworks are the centerpiece of many civic celebrations. The crackle, boom and flash of fireworks have not just amused us for generations; they have entertained folks for nearly two millennia. In fact, the

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Difficult Resident? Think Long-Term

Difficult Residents

With well over a million units under management, the Associa team has pretty much seen it all when it comes to difficult residents and the issues they create for association operations and board governance. Some of most challenging client issues get elevated to our home office where Associa’s team of attorney’s and external affairs staff

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Splish Splash Into Summer . . . And A Successful Pool Season

Splish Splash Into Summer . . . And A Successful Pool Season

As summer rapidly approaches and temperatures in many parts of the country quickly climb into the 100’s, few amenities in a residential community will be enjoyed more than the community swimming pool. Swimming pools have the potential to be a major influencer of home values, attract prospective home buyers to the community, provide a central

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Who Should Pay To Collect Late Assessment Fees?

Who Should Pay to Collect Late Assessments?

Ever since the mortgage crisis and its accompanying spike in assessment delinquencies, policy makers have been working to address the question of who should pay the cost of collecting past due assessments. Surprisingly, in many states that answer is….. you. Imagine your neighbor has racked up more than $500 in late fees on their credit

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Celebrating 30 Years of Strong HOAs

Celebrating 30 Years of Strong Communities

Across the country more than 64 million people reside in common interest communities, roughly 1 in 5 homeowners. In California, more than 9 million residents enjoy the benefits of community association living, which include higher property values and numerous amenities. While community associations in other states are caught up in legislative and legal battles that

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