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West Coast Mega Drought?


The news out of the West is in and it’s not good. California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas are in the grip of historic droughts. In the case of California, the winter of 2013-2014 is the driest recorded, and water to the Golden State’s legendary Central Valley has been shut off to conserve

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Rules Are Made To Be …Changed?

Rules are made to be …changed?

According to a Community Associations Institute survey, residents of community associations appreciate the benefits that the rules that govern community associations provide. In fact, for the past 10 years, the survey data has been consistent. It indicates that more than three quarters of homeowners believe their community rules protect and enhance their property values with

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A Brief History of the Condo

A Brief History of the Condo

Ask someone where the first condominium was built in the U.S. and most of them would probably guess Florida. A few might even share an anecdote of how their cousin’s, in-laws parents owned a unit in the very first condominium building ever, in Palm Beach, or Boca or somewhere nearby. But the reality is that

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Collections: A Growing Challenge


Despite improvements in the economy, collecting past due assessments remains a challenge for condominium and HOA boards across the country. Stories of collections abuses, aggressive plaintiff’s lawyers and layers of state and federal laws make collecting assessments akin to navigating a legal minefield. Trends in state laws and pending federal regulations will further complicate the

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In the Common Interest: Embracing the New American Community


Associa’s President and CEO, and community management pioneer, John Carona has published his first book! Titled In the Common Interest: Embracing the New American Community, the book provides an overview of the history of community associations, the challenges of governing them, and ways residents can work together to make communities stronger. “I wanted to convey

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FHA Condo Financing


Prior to 2005, few condominium boards paid much attention to FHA financing. At the time, FHA was only a small fraction of condominium loans (about 5%) and FHA buyers, due to smaller down payment requirements, were considered less committed to their purchased units. A lot has changed since then. FHA is now one of the

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It’s a Zoo Out There

Running dog catch ball

In the past few years, there has been a dramatic rise in the use of emotional support animals. These animals provide therapeutic benefits to their owners who may suffer from such things as insomnia, anxiety or other emotional challenges. For communities, such animals present several challenges and questions. The most critical of these is what

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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Association


We all like to celebrate the New Year with resolutions. Whether it is to lose weight, save more money or read more books, resolutions provide a touch point for us to reflect on the possibilities that the new beginning holds. So why not take it a step further and have your HOA board or HOA

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To Infinity and Beyond


Think your association assessments are high? How does $41,000 per month sound? That’s the reported monthly assessment for one penthouse condo in a new mega-project going up in New York City. In fact, New York is undergoing what some are calling a “super-luxury” condo boom. At least four 1,000-foot-plus towers are going up near West

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Protecting The Association’s Finances

Real estate

Communication associations and managers, alike, have the ability and duty to financially protect a Homeowners association’s assets from theft or worst, misappropriation. In addition to professional development, training and education, associations should consider setting a few rules to protect their homeowners’ money.   These policies and procedures are all quite simple to implement.   Maintain

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