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I live in a HOA that has 468 homes in it.  The employee in the office does what the board tells her. Does she have to have a CAM license in the State of Florida? She does not sign checks, she doesn’t make decisions, the board tells her what to do. We take in over 100,000 dollars a year but she doesn’t manage anything she does what the board tells her what to do. And the President and Secretary of the board signs the checks. I understand you only need a CAM license if you manage the place, take in over 100,000 dollars and you manage more then 10 houses. What is your answer? We have misinformed board members. I would like to bring this up to the board since we have a real estate person on the board who is trying to take over the place to put her people in there with a CAM license.  The office help girl was told by this real estate person that she had to have a CAM license. As a past president and board member back in 2005 I was told she didn’t need a CAM license because she was not an office manager and she didn’t sign checks or manage the place. What is your answer? Thank you.

- Stephen



According to Mr. Bill Osburn, PCAM, President of Rampart Properties, Inc. AAMC, an Associa company based in Tampa, Florida (, you should refer to Florida Statute, Chapter 468.431 (2) and (4) which defines Community Association Management and a Community Association Manager.  Without a detailed job description for the office employee, it is difficult to determine if she is performing community association management.   If she is performing any of the functions outlined in Chapter 468.431 (2), she would be required to have a community association manager’s license.    




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