March 2014

Community Community Association Violations

Community Association Violations

Associations are small governments that are responsible for keeping their communities and buildings safe, while always trying to maintain and increase the value of the homes in the community. The association’s Declaration and/or Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R) are put into place for the benefit of the majority of the residents and should be respected

Dealing with Difficult Residents

Dealing With Difficult Residents

One issue that is not unfamiliar for community managers and board members is dealing with the difficult resident. You know, the one whose conversation or emails are laced with terminology that would make sailors blush or perhaps have a conspiratorial view of a board decision that is on par with the plot twists of an

FHA approval

Complaint Filed Against Condo for No FHA Financing

Recently, a condominium association in the Midwest found themselves on the receiving end of a discrimination lawsuit because the association was not approved for FHA loans. As a result, a single parent was unable to obtain a mortgage to purchase a unit, and filed a complaint with the state’s human rights commission for discrimination based

The Coming Revolution

The Coming Revolution

For those of us of a certain age we sometimes view the future through the lens of the Jetsons. The future, we were promised, would be filled with gee-whiz gadgetry that would cook dinner, style our hair, or whisk us across town with a push of a button. While hover cars and tele-porters are still

What if…..?

What if…..?

It’s no secret that HOAs get a bad rap in the public discourse.  In fact the adage, it only takes one bad apple springs to mind when it comes to HOAs and Condos. Local news reporters and politicians love to play on this stereo type of association boards as overzealous, micromanaging ogres who terrorize the

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