June 2014

Splish Splash Into Summer . . . And A Successful Pool Season

Splish Splash Into Summer . . . And A Successful Pool Season

As summer rapidly approaches and temperatures in many parts of the country quickly climb into the 100’s, few amenities in a residential community will be enjoyed more than the community swimming pool. Swimming pools have the potential to be a major influencer of home values, attract prospective home buyers to the community, provide a central

Who Should Pay to Collect Late Assessments?

Who Should Pay To Collect Late Assessment Fees?

Ever since the mortgage crisis and its accompanying spike in assessment delinquencies, policy makers have been working to address the question of who should pay the cost of collecting past due assessments. Surprisingly, in many states that answer is….. you. Imagine your neighbor has racked up more than $500 in late fees on their credit

Celebrating 30 Years of Strong Communities

Celebrating 30 Years of Strong HOAs

Across the country more than 64 million people reside in common interest communities, roughly 1 in 5 homeowners. In California, more than 9 million residents enjoy the benefits of community association living, which include higher property values and numerous amenities. While community associations in other states are caught up in legislative and legal battles that

FEMA: A No Show for Community Associations

FEMA: A No Show for Community Associations

Residents of condominiums and HOAs pay the same federal taxes as everyone else. In fact, because residents of community associations pay for many of the services and amenities that a local government would provide to a traditional community, they actually make a positive contribution to keep taxes low, and property values high. But, as many

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Prepare your association for hurricane season

The goal of hurricane preparedness is to minimize the impact on any association or property during the storm. It’s an ongoing, year-round process to mitigate the potential effects of dangerous debris, impassable roadways, loss of electricity or running water, and the inability to keep the association’s common elements up and running.   Below is a

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