July 2014

Rockets Red Glare

The Rockets Red Glare

For most of North America, July is synonymous with fireworks. Whether it is Independence Day Celebrations in the U.S.A or Canadian festivities, fireworks are the centerpiece of many civic celebrations. The crackle, boom and flash of fireworks have not just amused us for generations; they have entertained folks for nearly two millennia. In fact, the

Difficult Residents

Difficult Resident? Think Long-Term

With well over a million units under management, the Associa team has pretty much seen it all when it comes to difficult residents and the issues they create for association operations and board governance. Some of most challenging client issues get elevated to our home office where Associa’s team of attorney’s and external affairs staff


National Night Out: Building Community

Summer is in full swing and families, while trying to stay cool, are determined to make it the best one yet. For many, this means days at the pool, backyard BBQs and neighborhood block parties to celebrate the season.  It also means National Night Out, a national tradition of bringing the community together in an

Communication 400 x 380

Best Practices for Texts, Emails & Speeches

Communications is an important tool often underutilized. Many of us in our day-to-day processing of tasks seem to think that the person(s) we are communicating with, whether it is through email, phone conversation or letter, understands the message. But in reality, that’s not always the case.   Most people are on a fast track and

smart irigation 400 x 380

July is Smart Irrigation Month

Do you know what a Smart Irrigation Controller is? No? Well, don’t feel bad. Lots of people don’t. A Smart Irrigation Controller can save your community association lots of money with very little time and effort.   Smart controllers are irrigation clocks that automatically adjust irrigation run times in response to environmental changes. Smart controllers

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